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Our Vision

Bring about the end of packaging carbonated beverages in plastic, glass, or aluminum disposable containers and needlessly burning fuel to ship what is essentially water.

Pioneer a global beverage delivery system that works to preserve water in its natural and most valuable state (pure water) until the moment that the consumer chooses to add a concentrate and turn that water into a new form (i.e. beer or any carbonated beverages).

Support a system of sustainability in which consumers collectively distribute the burden of accessing clean water across the entire earth, rather than a system that focuses that burden destructively upon targeted communities.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

At the core of Pat’s Backcountry Beverages® resides a guiding principal — a philosophy that defines our vision and mission far beyond the context of our technologies.

We believe the most sustainable and environmentally responsible solution will, in time, reveal itself to be the most economically solvent solution. We call this eco2nomics. Think of it as capitalistic Darwinism played out through the reality of the limited resource world we live in. We share a world of diminishing resources, externalized social, human, and environmental costs, corporate misconduct, and failures of our elected representatives.

All of these factors must intrinsically converge to a point of singularity at some undefined time in the future. Long before they do, many of the systems that capitalism currently defines as “efficiencies” will begin to falter and fail. The externalized costs upon which they depend will no longer be available for their manipulation.

The global beverage industry exemplifies a non-sustainable system whose competitive drive for dominance has lead itself further and further from environmentally and socially responsible solutions. These abuses are most vividly portrayed on three levels.

Shipping & Transportation

Consider how much energy is used in transporting hundreds of billions of gallons of carbonated beverages around the world each year. This is fuel we depend on foreign oil to provide, and once burned leaves nothing but an enormous carbon footprint.

Packaging & Waste

Packaging is just another word for waste. Whether it's aluminum, plastic, or glass, they all represent a non-sustainable system of delivering water based beverages to consumers. Think about it. We are abusing precious resources to package what is essentially water.

Global Water Crisis

Water is the third largest industry on earth. It's become increasingly common for beverage corporations to strategically and geographically position themselves to exploit water aquifers, often at the expense of the local communities who depend on them.

Pat's Team

Pat Tatera

Pat’s the fearless founder of Pat’s Backcountry Beverages. He’s an articulate out-going guy who spends countless hours strength-training his fingers for Kung-Fu tickle fights with his 3 year old daughter.

When he’s not at the gym strength-training his fingers, Pat can be found practicing his air guitar solos to Led Zeppelin IV, writing out longhand hyper fluid minimal hybrid geo-thermal algorhythmatic quark dark matter theories in ink, beat-boxing at suburban break dance battles, or dangling off the side of Crestone Needle on the crux pitch of Ellingwood Arete at 14,000 ft for a mid day nap. NBD, it's all in a days work for this vegan backpacking superhero. Pat's the brewru around here.

What’s in your fridge:
New Belgium, California Rout

Rob Levy

Rob’s a recovering Harvard and Tuck grad who, until recently, could be seen wearing khaki shorts with salmon colored sweaters tied around his neck. Rob wasn’t always this way. Before his Ivy League brain cleansing, you could find him in an old Vermont A-frame ski house shotgunning Natty Light.

Rob’s such a good guy we had to intervene. We locked him in a ski hut with his old flannels, two cases of Pat's Pale Rail micro-brew concentrate, a Pat's Carbonator Bottle, a 5th of Stranahan's, and a rabid squirrel named Frank, then cranked Foreigner until it all came back to him. Now he’s riding mountain bikes, tearing up the slopes, and dominating Beirut! We’re a team at Pat's and we're here for you buddy...

What’s in your fridge:

Odell Mountain Standard

Scott Kinsey
VP Sales & Marketing

Scott’s life is a rich tapestry woven by town elders. Unfortunately for us, Scott sold the rights to his life story in a Telluride sweat lodge to a man named Beartooth. Now legally, we can only call him the second most interesting man in the world.

What we can tell you is that he enjoys tandem tow-in surfing, random jaunts across the country on his vintage BSA in search of fine teas, and weekend ski getaways with his scandinavian super model girlfriend to his chalet outside of Vail. Playboy Mansion parties don’t seem to have the same energy without him and Marley concerts just aren't as mellow. When he gets lost at sea, he washes up in places like Sayulita & Tamarindo. What better dude to tell our story?

What’s in your fridge:
Whatever Peter Bouckaert sends over of course. He has a superb palate.

Drew Hartner
National Sales Manager

Sure, Drew has big blue eyes, a baby face, soft silky skin, and perfectly manicured cuticles. But don’t underestimate him. He knows how to get files out of a computer without smashing it.

In his free time, Drew enjoys skinny skiing, going to bull fights on acid, team handball, and dating olympic figure skaters. Quite frankly he enjoys anything that doesn’t require look obstructing headgear. In the winter he woos the ladies with his impressive collection of grandpa sweaters and Russian nesting dolls. And on any given Sunday, Drew cranks Third Eye Blind and intensely acts out all the fight scenes from his 2nd favorite movie, “The Transporter.” If you guess what his favorite movie is he'll send you a Pat's tee shirt.
Go get ’em Drew!

What’s in your fridge:
Goose Island Honker’s Ale

Greg Stadjuhar
Customer Relations Manager

Before bringing Greg on board we asked him about his background. He told us he had a proven track record of walking quickly, managing management, developing latest developments, organizing organizations, incorporating corporations, and bottom line top speed performance, amongst a ton of other acronyms and jargon we couldn’t understand. The room was silent. Then he said, “I like beer.” We all shook our heads in acknowledgement, and quickly brought him on board.

Now when he’s not wrangling in our international distribution partners, Greg spends his time honing his mental strength in odd places; like old abandoned mine shafts and deserted cat food factories.

What’s in your fridge:
Avalanche and 90 Shilling

Elizabeth Tatera
Office Coordinator

Climber, Kickboxer, Mom, Badass… Elizabeth helps hold the place together as the boys wreak havoc on experimental project after experimental project. After a day at the office she often unwinds by hanging with her daughters. Elizabeth is also an avid outdoors-woman who loves to go cliff jumping in the Black Hills or camping in the Talkeetna Mts.

But don't be fooled. Behind that pretty smile Elizabeth is a Regional UFC Champion. So pay up those outstanding invoices or else Bitsy might come to collect… with a vengeance!

What in your fridge:
Pilsner Urquell

Matt Lillie
Production Manager

When it comes to production Lilliehammer crushes it all. Every morning he wakes up and asks his mirror on the wall "what task shall I crush today, if not them all?" Then he then mentally prepares, by walking downstairs, on his hands and not his feet. He readies his meals using his heels, to get the nourishment he seeks.

The Hammer wasn't always this way. He used to spend his days chasing butterflies and publishing his poetry. His extra medium tee shirts used to be baggy and his Teva's where seldomly velcrowed. But one day, after poetry college on his first manly job on the Coors bottling line he had to bring the whole shebang to a halt using only raw strength to save a curious kitten. Back then his flaccid arms could not stop the machine and the kitten was lost. Since then he has dedicated his life to becoming more and more powerful. His training consists of marathon noodle dancing to Jimmy Hendrix, attaching powerful tools to his doorless truck, and wearing sleeveless shirts. These days, he effortlessly lifts stuff at the brewery, drives the forklift extremely slow yelling beepbeepbeep, and if given a task, in a mild mannered voice he replies "broseph and the technicolor dream coat... consider it crushed."

How it all began

In the Summer of 1997, my buddy and I were backpacking through the southern region of Canyon Lands National Park in UT. Just before leaving on the trip, we grabbed a 12 pack from Moab Brewery, put it on ice in the cooler, and then left it in the car by the trailhead. By mid afternoon, we reached our designated campsite in an awe-inspiring section of the park. The sky was blue and the smell of sagebrush permeated the air. Everything was perfect…except for one thing. No Beer! After an hour of taking it all in, we decided to pack up and head back so we could enjoy those tasty brews.

Since that day it's been my mission to make a portable beer for backcountry travelers. Over the next 15 years I made many attempts to develop a concentrated beer. However, each attempt was met with much frustration. Then one day while sipping a Sol and gazing out at the ocean, the hydro minimal fermentation idea hit me — instead of focusing on removing the water from the beer to form a concentrate, don’t add the water to begin with! This singular thought sparked a chain reaction of elegant steps around complex problems, which lead to the HBT process.

Now I can enjoy a brew anywhere my adventures take me. Cheers!