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Backcountry Cocktails

May 4, 2017 by Tristan Burnham - No Comments

We love beer, but we don’t discriminate against all the other amazing liquids that make you smile. Sometimes you might want something sweeter, or stronger, or you just might not like beer. So here are some recipes for easy backcountry cocktails.
You’ll need a Pat’s Carbonator Bottle, some Soda Concentrate Packets, some Beer Concentrate Packets, and a variety of liquor.

1. Margarita – A classic easy to make and easy to drink cocktail.
1 Lemon Lime Soda Concentrate Packet
1 Shot Jose Cuervo Tequila
Fill the bottle with water, squirt in the lemon lime packet, pour in tequila and carbonate. Finish with salt around the rim of your companion cup.

2. Hard Apple Cider – We’ve been tossing around the idea for awhile to make a hard cider concentrate packet. In the mean time, this tasty backcountry cocktail will make anyone happy, especially our gluten free friends.
2 Apple Cider Packets
1 Shot Fireball Whiskey
Fill the bottle with cold water, add 2 instant apple cider packs, pour in the fireball, carbonate, and enjoy.
Hard Cider

3. Whiskey Ginger – Whiskey is the standard backcountry beverage for most people. Mix it with one of our ginger ale sodas and take your time enjoying your whiskey.
1 Ginger Ale Concentrate
1 Shot Bulleit Bourbon
Fill the bottle with water, add ginger ale concentrate, pour in whiskey, and carbonate it all.
Whiskey Ginger

4. Irish Car Bomb – A classic drink for St. Patty’s Day, but it’s delicious year round.
1 Black Hops Beer Concentrate Packet
1/2 Shot Bailey’s Irish Cream
1/2 Shot Jameson Irish Whiskey
Carbonate the Black Hops beer as normal, then fill up a shot glass (or your reaction cup) with a half a shot of Jameson Whiskey and a half a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Drop the shot glass in the bottle when ready and chug away. Keep it classy and pour the Bailey’s in first and float the Jameo on top.
Irish Car Bomb

5. Mint Mojito – A classic refreshing summertime cocktail.
1 Lemon Lime Soda Concentrate Packet
1 Shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Fill the bottle with water, add a few altoids first so they can start dissolving, pour in the lemon lime concentrate, add the Captain and carbonate.
Mint Mojito

6. Sangria – A great way to get some fruits in your diet! We started with a box of Bandit’s Pinot Grigio and used a dehydrated mixed fruit blend with several types of berries and apples.
Wine (Red or White)
Dehydrated Fruit
First get some water in your primer cap, then add some dehydrated fruit to the bottle, top off with wine and carbonate.

7. Cola and Rum – R. Kelly made this one famous in the Ignition Remix track back in 03. Now we’re taking it from the streets to the trails. It’s the freakin’ weekend baby, bout to have me some fun.
1 Cola Concentrate Packet
1 Shot Malibu Rum
Put on some R. Kelly, fill the bottle with water, add the cola concentrate, pour in the rum, and carbonate.
Sipppin on cola and rum

8. Manmosa – This is the savage version of a mimosa and it is just as good in the morning.
1 American Logger Beer Concentrate
1 Emergen-C Packet or Airborne Tablet Orange
1 Shot Absolut Mandarin Vodka
Fill the bottle with water, add the Airborne or Emergen-C next and let it rest for a few seconds, then add the beer packet and the vodka, carbonate it all and enjoy.

9. Root Beer Float – We’ve made a few of these in the backcountry but the adult version is the best so far.
1 Root Beer Soda Concentrate
1 Shot Jaegermeister (Goldschlager and Fireball are great too)
Freeze Dried Ice Cream
Add water, pour in the root beer packet, add the Jager and carbonate. Then crumble the freeze dried ice cream on top.
Root Beer Float

10. The Dirty Shirley – A tasty adult version of a classic kids drink.
1 Ginger Ale Soda Concentrate
1 Shot Tito’s Vodka
Add water, pour in the ginger ale packet, add the vodka, squeeze in about 5 squirts of grenadine and carbonate it.
Dirty Shirley

11. Gin Rickey – A classic yet not as well known cocktail. It’s similar to a gin and tonic but without the bitterness from the tonic water.
1 Lemon Lime Soda Concentrate
1 Shot Seagrams Gin
Fill the bottle with water, squeeze in the lemon lime soda, add the gin and carbonate.
Gin Rickey

12. Screwdriver – You won’t be saving any weight by lugging some fresh squeezed OJ into the backcountry with this one, but a carbonated screwdriver is something you have to try.
14 Ounces of Orange Juice
1 Shot Smirnoff Vodka
Just like the Sangria, remember to prime your cap with water, then add the orange juice and vodka and carbonate as usual.
Screwdriver Pitograph

13. Whiskey Cola – Another classic way to mellow out some whiskey in the backcountry.
1 Cola Soda Concentrate
1 Shot Whiskey
Fill the bottle with water, add cola concentrate, pour in whiskey, and carbonate it all.
Whiskey Cola

14. Hard Lemonade – Pretty similar to a Smirnoff Ice but your friends won’t have to sneak you one of these for you to enjoy it.
1 Lemon Lime Soda Concentrate
1 Packet of Crystal Light Lemonade Mix
1 Shot of Ketel One Citroen Vodka
Fill the carbonator bottle with some water, add the lemon lime concentrate, pour in the Crystal Light powder, add the shot of vodka, top off with water to the 16 oz mark and carbonate it.
Pat's Hard Lemonade

15. Cosmopolitan – If you’re ordering these at a bar, you probably don’t make it into the wilderness very often. But if you do make it outside long enough to drink a cocktail, you’ll love our version.
1 Pomegranate Cola Soda Concentrate
1 Shot Stoli Orange Vodka
Fill the bottle with water, add pomegranate cola concentrate, pour in the vodka, and carbonate it all.
Backcountry Cosmo

Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of these drinks out in the backcountry. Feel free to add more shots to any of these cocktails to make them stronger. When I’m in the backcountry I usually take it mellow so I feel fresh for the next day, but there are times after bagging a peak you might need to celebrate a little harder than normal. Have any creations of your own or something you think we should try? Shoot us an email with your mixology creation. Cheers!

The author – Tristan Burnham making a whiskey cola on a multiday backpacking trip in Sequoia National Park.
Tristan Burnham