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Bc Cocktails

Backcountry Cocktails

We love beer, but we don't discriminate against all the other amazing liquids that make you smile. Sometimes you might want something sweeter, or stronger, or you just might not like beer. So here are some recipes for easy backcountry cocktails.You'll need a Pat's Carbonator Bottle, some Soda Concen ...
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Getting Ready For The Ski Season

Getting Ready for the Ski Season

Winter is here and it's already shaping up to be a great season! If you haven't gotten out yet, don't worry it's still early season and you've only missed a few powder days. Here are some tips to get you all set for an amazing time this winter.Preseason Ski and Board TuningFirst make sure you have a ...
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A pack doing hard work in Chinese Harbor.

Backpacking Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island is a little known treasure off of Southern California's coast. It is part of the Channel Island's National Park, and is host to some of the most unique backpacking California has to offer. April and May are some of our favorite months to visit the Islands, which makes now a great t ...
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Hiking a sandy portion of the Lost Coast Trail.

Lost Coast Trail

If you’re looking to plan a backpacking trip in March or April, there are quite a few options. One of our favorite springtime destinations is Northern California’s Lost Coast; a 53-mile stretch of rugged, undeveloped, and mountainous coastline. The Lost Coast trail is a beautiful and unique back ...
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Cooking With Pat’s

We’ve been experimenting with using our brew concentrates in place of traditional beer. So far, the results have been great.There are quite a few recipes that call for beer -- from roasted chicken to venison stew; we love the unique sweetness and subtle flavors that beer imparts. In this case, we ...
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DIY Home Brewing with a Portable Carbonator

Our Portable Carbonator allows brewers to have a low volume taste test of their beer to make sure it's ready for bottling or kegging.Couple all hydrometer readings with an organoleptic test so that you truly know where your beer is heading. Make conditioning and carbonating decisions based on a pint ...
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Do it yourself Spicy Cola

It doesn't get much better than making it from scratch. Over the years we've dabbled with a few all natural soda variations, but have come to love this one. Use with our Portable Carbonator, SodaStream, or any home carbonation system.Here is our favorite spicy cola recipe to get you started. We invi ...
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Make Your Own Lemon Lime Soda

Simplicity and fresh ingredients are the keys to a great tasting lemon lime soda, and it doesn't get much simpler than this recipe. This is the perfect all-natural drink for those hot summer days, and as a complement to light, simple meals.We invite you to give it a try, and customize it as you see ...
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Recipe for Orange Cream Soda Concentrate

This orange cream soda delivers a satisfying combination of sweet and tart, and is a great way to liven up your day. It combines classic flavors to create a beverage you'll love. Serve it as a fun drink for kids, or use it to create delicious cocktails for adults. As with any homemade soda, we recom ...
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Make Your Own Ginger Ale Soda

If you love ginger ale, you have to try this recipe at home. It's ginger ale without the artificial taste. In fact. Ginger is a delicious herb that's been around for hundreds of year and used in many cultures for its health-boosting properties. Some of the ailments associated with ginger include so ...
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