Perfect Carbonation

Tips for Perfect Carbonation

February 28, 2016 by Tristan Burnham - No Comments

First let’s break down all the components of the Pat’s Carbonator Bottle System:

Reaction Cup
Companion Cup
Activator Packets
Beer or Soda Concentrate Packets

The cap has a lever on the top and a small blue lever lock. The lever allows you to prime the cap by pumping water into it which will be pumped into the reaction cup afterwards. The lever is also used to release pressure in the bottle after the carbonation process. The blue lever lock is used to lock the lever down while shaking the bottle.

The reaction cup is the small blue cup that screws into the cap. This is where the magic happens; put an activator packet in here, screw it back into the cap and then pump the lever to squirt water into it. The reaction cup also doubles as a shot glass.
Reaction Cup

The bottle isn’t just a normal bottle, it is specially designed to maximize the carbonation. It’s also BPA free making it even more amazing. Take it with you everywhere and let it replace your normal boring reusable water bottle.
Pat's Bottle

The companion cup is an extra bonus so you can share some beer with a friend. It screws on to the bottom of the carbonator bottle. It also makes a great mini water bowl for your furry friend.
Companion Cup

The activator packets are half potassium bicarbonate and half citric acid. When mixed with water in the reaction cup, it produces CO2 which carbonates anything in the bottle.
Activator Packet

The beer and soda concentrate packets are liquid packets, not a dehydrated powder or a thick gel. When mixed with water and carbonated in the bottle they turn into a fresh, real beer or soda out in the wilderness.
Beer and Soda Packets

Start off by watching our how to video here:
Pat’s Carbonator Bottle Demo

Here’s a quick run through of all the steps to making a Backcountry Beverage:

1. Load – Unscrew the cap and reaction cup, add a few ounces of water to the bottle, screw the cap back on, flip the bottle upside down and prime the cap with water by pumping the lever.

2. Mix – Add the beverage concentrate to the bottle and then top it off with water to the 16oz line.

3. Carbonate – Add the activator packet to the reaction cup, quickly screw it back into the cap and screw the cap onto the bottle. Pump the lever 6 times to the 45 degree angle until all the water has squirted out. Lock the lever down and shake the bottle side to side for 2 minutes while keeping the bottle upright. Let the bottle rest for 2 minutes, unlock the lever and slowly lift it 90 degrees as you release the pressure.

4. Enjoy – Unscrew the cap, sit back relax and think about how rad your day was out in the backcountry as you enjoy your beer!

Now the tips for perfect carbonation:

First practice at home; practice makes perfect, so make a few beers or sodas at home with the directions out or while watching the video. This way you’ll be sure to do all the steps and you’ll remember them when you’re deep in the woods making a beer for the first time.
Practice Pat's

Cold water carbonates better, so try and use the coldest water possible. This might mean you have to go to higher elevations during the summer, but don’t worry the views are better up there and summit beers taste way better. Remember to always filter your water in the wild.
Summit Beer

When priming the cap make sure you pump the lever at least 6 or more times until water is squirting out. If you don’t get enough water in the cap, then you won’t get enough carbonation. To prime the cap, hold the bottle upside down with some water in it and lift the lever to a 45 degree angle, back down, and then up to the 45 degree angle 6 times.
Priming the cap

Make sure the reaction cup is totally dry before adding the activator packet. You can use your shirt or a paper towel to dry it out. If the cup has a little water in it, then it will start reacting when you add the activator packet and you’ll waste valuable CO2.
Drying the reaction cup

The activator packet has two parts, so make sure these both mix together in the cup. You can use the packet to stir it around a little. Also make sure there isn’t any powder on the threads of the cup, this will insure a clean seal. Never use more than one activator packet when carbonating a beverage.
Mixing the activator packet

Don’t fill the bottle over 16ozs. The beer and soda will mix better if you add a little water, prime the cap, then add the concentrate packet and then fill the bottle up with water to the 16oz level as opposed to starting with 14ozs of water and then adding the concentrate packet.
16 ounces to freedom

Shake the bottle side to side, not up and down and keep the bottle vertical. When shaking the bottle, shake the bottle firmly; you are forcing the CO2 into the beverage, so the more you shake the better the carbonation. Don’t shake it too hard to the point where you are tipping the bottle which could cause some of the powder to get into the beverage and ruin the taste. Shake the bottle for 2 minutes and let it rest in the bottle for 2 minutes before releasing the pressure. When letting the beer rest, put it back in the snow or stream and keep it cold. Waiting is the hardest part, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.
let it chill

Make sure you clean your bottle and cap after every use. Always wash by hand and don’t use a dishwasher. Use soap if you have some, if not just clean water is fine and remember to cycle water through the pump in the cap. If you keep your bottle clean, it will perform to it’s highest potential and your beer or soda will taste better too. Never store water in the cap, make sure you squirt out all the water after cleaning it. This is especially important when winter camping because the water could freeze and expand in the cap causing damage to the cap.
so fresh and so clean clean

Disposing of the trash is easy. If you don’t get every last drop out of the concentrate packet, it could leak a little in your pack. Roll and fold the packet up and then put it in the empty activator packet. This will help prevent any leakage. Please always practice leave no trace ethics and pack out all your trash.
Pack it in pack it out

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We’re here to help you out and want you to enjoy the lightest, most environmentally friendly beverage in the backcountry. Cheers!