Top 15 Outdoor Craft Beers

Top 15 Outdoor Craft Beers

September 21, 2015 by Tristan Burnham - No Comments

We love tasty craft beer here at Pat’s, and that’s why we brew a Pale Ale, Black IPA, and an American Lager. We also love drinking other craft beers from all over so we compiled a list of our top 15 favorite craft beers from fellow brewers who are also inspired by the great outdoors.

15. Moab Brewery – Over The Top Hefenwiezen
15 Moab Over The Top
Hefes aren’t my jam, but this one is solid. It’s a refreshing, unfiltered light beer with an aroma of banana and wheat that’s only served on tap. Enjoy it after ripping up some desert single track. 4% ABV

14. Grand Teton Brewing – Bitch Creek Extra Special Brown
14 Grand Teton Bitch Creek 2
This beer is a thick brown that starts off sweet and finishes bitter. It’s a great beer to take the edge off after a long day of dealing with tourists at Yellowstone National Park. 6% ABV

13. New Belgium – Portage Porter
New Belgium Portage
New Belgium has a ton of great beers but I really like this new one from them. This porter is dark with toffee flavors and a smokey, woody taste. Best enjoyed on a pack raft trip as a reward for hiking just as much as you paddled. 6% ABV

12. Lander Brewing – On Belay IPA
12 Lander On Belay Ipa Dyno Comp
Lander, Wyoming is home to the International Climbers Festival. It’s a week long event for climbers to meet up, take some clinics, and climb some amazing routes. On Belay IPA is a smooth, dark golden IPA that is hoppy and malty. We recommend grabbing a pint at the local bar after a day of climbing the limestone walls at Wild Iris or hucking yourself in the dyno competition. 6.7% ABV

11. Kern River Brewing Company – Class V Stout
Kern River Class V Stout
As a dark beer lover, stouts are my favorite. This beer is a mix of three types of stouts — milk stout, oatmeal stout, and imperial stout — and tastes like coffee and chocolate. Relax after paddling some wild rapids with a fresh pour on tap at Kern River Brewing in California or a 20 oz. found in select stores. 8.5% ABV

10. Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale
10 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
This is the gold standard for pale ales. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is always a solid choice and it’s available on tap, in bottles, and in cans almost everywhere. This brew is best enjoyed while hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, duh. 5.6% ABV

9. Ouray Brewing – Box Canyon Brown
9 Ouray Box Canyon Brown Ice Climbing
This is a tasty brown ale that will warm you up after a day of ice climbing in the Ouray Ice Park. It has a nice, smooth, roasted malty caramel flavor. Grab it on tap at their brewery in Ouray and enjoy some tasty grub too. 5.6% ABV

8. Russian River Brewing – Pliny the Elder Imperial IPA
8 Russian River Brewing Pliny The Elder Canoe
With an aroma of fresh cut pine and flowers this is one fresh-tasting IPA. Enjoy one on a mellow canoe trip down the Russian River as you paddle alongside the ancient redwoods our elders once paddled. 8% ABV

7. Alaskan Brewing Co. – Big Mountain Pale Ale
7 Alaskan Big Mountain Pale Ale
This is a new release from Alaskan and it’s already a classic. It’s a great pale ale with a hoppy and light fruity taste. This would be an awesome summit beer, but it only comes in bottles. 5.7 ABV

6. Mammoth Brewing – 395 IPA
6 Mammoth 395 IPA
This beer tastes like you’re driving through the Eastern Sierra. As a beer lover you will want to bathe in its beautiful copper color. As a nature lover you will fall in love with its flavors of fresh juniper and sage. As both you will worship it as a beer of the gods. Grab one of these unique IPA’s at the brewery after a long day on the slopes. 8% ABV

5. Pat’s Backcountry – 1919 Pale Rail
Pale Rail backcountry beer
The Pale Rail is a delicious pale ale that is sweet, hoppy, balanced, and complex. Pat’s Backcountry makes beer concentrate packets that you mix with water in their carbonator bottle to make a pint anywhere. They are amazing for backpacking because it’s a ultralight way to bring beer deep into the wilderness. My favorite Pale Rails have been made with fresh, cold alpine stream water on backpacking trips in the High Sierra. It’s truly refreshing and rewarding after any adventure. 5.2% ABV

4. Odell – Cutthroat Porter
4 Odell Cutthroat Porter 2
This is a smooth and robust porter with a light roasted coffee flavor. It’s great to enjoy while fly fishing, maybe even as an early morning breakfast beer while the fish are still biting. 5.1% ABV

3. Santa Fe Brewing Company – Happy Camper IPA
Happy Camper IPA
With it’s earthy, woody, and skunky taste I would claim this to be one of my favorite beers. It’s a great beer to drink while setting up your tent and cooking dinner after a day on the trail. 6.6% ABV

2. Deschutes – Chasin Freshies IPA
2 Chasing Freshies
This beer is both fresh and refreshing. It’s clean and crisp with a hoppy, tropical, fruity taste and is perfect for enjoying after a day of earning your turns on a powder day. 7.4% ABV

1. High Water Brewing – Campfire Stout
Campfire Stout
This stout is very dark with tasty tones of melted chocolate. The experience of chocolate with marshmallows and gram crackers is perfectly recreated, and one sip will leave you wanting s’more. It’s a great dessert beer best enjoyed around a campfire with friends as you reminisce on your adventures. 6.5% ABV

Now get out there and try some new beers as you travel around the US in search of the best beer for the perfect adventure. Cheers!